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Using the pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness and Joy of Business Amanda at Blonde Girl Business has a totally different approach...


What if you didn’t have to work hard to run a successful business? What if it’s the exact opposite; your willingness to play, that would actually create the business (and the life..) you always longed for.

Welcome to a different possibility.

Let’s play!


The Joy of Business


About Amanda


Amanda Anderson Belluso has been running businesses since she was 24 years old. And it has not always been easy and fun. Since she likes a challenge she started her career as CEO of a family business with over 100 employees, working in a field that was not at all fun for her. 4 years later it was time for a change.

Based on the questions “what would be fun for us?” and “what kind of life would we like to live?” Amanda, her brother Viktor and her husband Andrea started House of Belluso in April 2017. Today they travel around the world facilitating classes, holding events and doing video and still photography productions amongst other things. They’ve also started a travel agency, they’re working on three different books, they’re starting up a production just name a few of their projects.

Besides from House of Belluso Amanda also coordinates big events and classes around the world for Access Consciousness. She is an Access Consciousness certified facilitator, a Joy of Business facilitator, a Right Voice for You facilitator and a certified coach. 

To say the least Amanda likes to keep busy and her favourite thing in the world is to ask questions, and not look for answers. With her experience and unique point of view her strength is to see the big picture and connect the dots that others might not see. Her basic approach to business is that it should, and can be, fun ALL the time. And if something is not fun there’s always a way to change it.




Business coaching

No matter if it’s just you in your company, if you’re working in a big corporate, if you’ve been running enterprises for 30 years or if you’re just dreaming about one day being your own boss Amanda can help you move forward, create more and have more ease and joy. She can customise your coaching according to your needs. This can be in the form of online coaching or live in person, for individuals or groups. For prices and inquires email or fill in the contact form below.

Customised consulting for companies

Amanda can also create a customised program for your company based on your request. Do you want to improve the communication in your team? Do you want your salesmen to have more ease with selling your product or service? Do you want to expand your business into new fields? Whatever it is that your company requires Amanda can help you look at it from a different perspective and ignite a process of change and growth. For prices and inquires email or fill in the contact form below.  

Joy of Business classes  

Amanda facilitates Joy of Business classes all around the world. These classes are for anyone that is looking to create something different with their business and life.

You will find more information about Joy of Business here:


Amanda's upcoming classes:

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Turn your crazy idea into a profitable business 3-part webinar august 5-7th

Turn your crazy idea into a profitable business 3-part webinar august 5-7th






what do people say?

“in February 2019 I had the pleasure of participating in Business Done Different - Joy of Business Masterclass with Amanda Anderson Belluso as the facilitator.
This class was an amazing class. Not only is the manual fantastic with a great energy and a lot of amendments to the stuff I have already. What really impressed me was Amanda being in total allowance and interesting point of view throughout the class.
It is truly the first class where I didn't have any problems with asking questions and participating in the conversation. Nobody was wrong, nobody was right and the energy was sooo nurturing, comforting and a true invitation to receive and get what you were capable of. I am so grateful, what else is possible now?”
- Anette reib, denmark

“Amanda is a brilliant business facilitator in that she ASKS you questions and encourages you to know what you know. Her business class was beyond words for me and totally changed my reality with my business and my living”
- jessica berggrun, us

Brilliant brain, brilliant ideas, brilliant creator”
- paul kearney, ireland

“A chat with Amanda, changed the way I think to a whole new perspective of things. Growing up, I was told a clear cut path would lead me to success and so I implemented the same in my photography career. The one hour conversation with Amanda helped open my eyes to a broader spectrum of following my knowing or in other words “gut feeling” which I previously used to suppress with logic. Her question “What if we kept logic away and believed in our knowing?” has changed my methodology of photography for the better. One session with Amanda will open your eyes to a whole new horizon that was previously before your eyes but failed to see”



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